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This is my son


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The internet has become a great resource for classical guitar information. 

Here are a few links that might help you:

  1.    Of course I think this is a terrific place to visit.  Here, you can hear all the songs in all the Classroom Guitar books.  There is also extra information for teachers, and eventually I hope there will be an online forum for questions and insights.  If you have questions, comments, insights, please send them to me.

  2.    This is a metronome to practice along with.  Though there are many online metronomes, this one is very cool, as you can practice along with different drum beats (even U2).  Or, just “Google” metronome and see what comes up.

  3.    One of many online guitar tuners.  You can download this one.

  4.     A good over all place for classical guitar.

  5.    Lots of Midi files to listen to and download.

  6.    Listen to classical guitar recordings for free.

  7.    Flamenco guitar.

  8.    Good lists and info on classical guitarists.

  9.    A nice selection of music for classical guitar.

 10.  Some of my favourite guitarists.  Here are their home pages, but I would also suggest you “google” their names, look them up on Wikipedia, and look them up on Youtube.

            -David Russel -

-Kazuhito Yamashita – I could not find a home page for him, but you really should check him out.  Here is one page with videos.

            -Aimée Piché  A great up and coming guitarist.

-John Williams -    The guitarist, not the composer/conductor.                      

            -Don Ross -   Fingerstyle, steel string guitar playing at it’s best.  Also, he is a wonderful peron.

            -Paco de Lucia -    The world’s foremost Flamenco guitarist.

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