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Home In 1966, I purchased my first guitar and quickly learned to play the theme from Batman. I taught my first private guitar lesson in 1970 at which time I was involved with my first “garage” band. Since then I have been blessed with many varied and wonderful musical experiences. I hope that these experiences have come together to make this a better book.

This book includes theory sheets, counting exercises, composition exercises, and of course many exercises on the guitar. The classroom teacher can decide what pages to assign to the students. Do not feel you have to use everything in the book, though I have made an effort to sequence material in a logical progressive manner.

A big thank you to all students, past and present, who have inspired me and have taught me much about music and teaching. The best thing about teaching is “you get to meet lots of wonderful people”.

I put this book together for a few reasons:

1. After teaching this long, you just get your own ideas on how you want to do things. Not that these ideas are that different, but I have found that they work for me.

2. To put together a workbook that students would own, be responsible for, and keep after the formal class was over.

3. To get away from doing “so many” handouts.

4. Lastly, to have a book that was really designed for the guitar classroom.

It is my hope that this book will help you enjoy the guitar a little more.

Books 2, 3, and 4 are also available.



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