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After 25 years as a guitar teacher at Saunders Secondary School in London, Ontario, Rick Piché is now retired. He started the guitar program at Saunders which grew to be the largest guitar program in Ontario. He also directed the Senior and Intermediate Guitar Ensembles. Soon after beginning to teach, he realized that there was a shortage of good classroom material for the guitar. This led him to write The Classroom Guitar Workbook series which is gaining strength throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

While teaching at Saunders, Mr. Piché also taught part-time for 17 years at the Don Wright Faculty of Music and for 10 years at the Faculty of Education, both at the University of Western Ontario.

He is now living on Manitoulin Island.

As a student of the guitar, Rick Piché studied classical guitar with Eli Kassner.

As a performer and recording artist, Mr. Piché has released three solo recordings: RICK PICHÉin 1981; STATUE in 1986; and RICK PICHÉ THREEin 1990. In 2000, Mr. Piché recorded a Celtic CD with his family. The recording is appropriately called THE PICHÉ FAMILY.

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