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Book 3 Overview

These books are a systematic, classroom tested approach to learning guitar.

Book 1 is a beginning guitar course for students who have had no previous guitar experience. It has been used very successfully in high schools and elementary schools. All books are intended to be used as workbooks that students write in and keep throughout their guitar careers.

Book 2 is a continuation of Book 1 and though there is a little “review” in the first few pages, it is assumed that students using this book have grasped the concepts presented in Book 1.

Book 3 continues on where Book 2 left off.

Book 3 includes:

-27 theory lessons designed for guitar
-standard classic guitar solos
-original solos in Blues and Celtic styles
-blank staff paper, tab paper, and tab/staff paper
-musical accompaniments, downloadable free
-music for 2, 3 and 4 guitars (some with percussion)
-teacher support

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